What Is Discount Realty

The internet has drastically changed the way Real Estate is bought and sold. Before the internet Real Estate Brokers had to invest a lot of capital in order to be correctly set up to market properties. The Real Estate Brokers solely had access to the MLS or Multiple Listings Service and the homes available on it.  With the advent of the internet the MLS has be made available 24/7 to the general public.

This has slowly but surely eliminated the necessity the traditional brick and mortar office as well as the large monthly budgets needed to maintain successful print advertising in the local papers and Home Buying magazine.  Today most estimates show that over 95% of home buyers go straight to the internet when looking for a home. 

In a nutshell Discount Realty seeks to pass this savings on to its rightful owner, the home seller. By reducing the listing commission to 4% a good Discount Realtor can provide you with the same kind of marketing and exposure as any large name real estate broker at a great savings.  The internet and tech-savvy Realtor can get you the kind of exposure you need at a substantially lower cost and lower investment of time than the Realtor of old.