Real Estate Agent Broker Or Discount Realty

What is the difference between a real estate broker and real estate agent? Many people today are confused about the distinction between the two terms. Some think that they are the same, but this is not true at all. Even though both a broker and an agent must undergo schooling and pass a certifying exam, there are significant differences between the two of them.

From a technical perspective, the difference between the two is mainly on the type of licenses they hold. In order for the broker to obtain a different type of license, he should first complete additional coursework beyond that which the agent has completed.

The words broker and agent are being misused these days. The former actually has more educational background than an latter and has more responsibilities in a real estate transaction. Due to this, the agent generally works under a broker.

If you have decided lately to buy your own house but don't have the time to look around, you can do as the others - find a broker. This professional will know exactly where to look for houses and lots for sale and he can also give you a ready list of properties that fit your criteria for the home you're planning to buy. Of course, having a broker would mean more expenses that could amount to up to thousands of dollars off your savings. But these expenses will be well-justified by good performance of the broker and the convenience that his expertise will offer you.