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Private Charter Jets - FAQs About Brokers   by Angela Bell

in Travel / Charter Jets    (submitted 2012-09-23)

One of the most luxurious and comfortable ways to fly is by private charter jets. Depending on the size of the aircraft, few things can compare to the roomy cabins, cozy seating, and extra “perks” (such as catering or a fully stocked bar) that can be arranged when flying by charter. Although this mode of travel tends to be expensive, it is no longer considered a privilege reserved exclusively for celebrities, politicians, or professional sports teams. The world of private air charter is now available to everyone, and ideal for not only business trips but also for family reunions, vacations, tradeshows, etc.

Private Charter Jets - How to Book a Flight

One of the first questions people ask when making the decision to charter is how to arrange the flight. Admittedly, the process is a bit different than using a travel or airline website to book the trip. The very nature of charter calls for unique and special handling. Chartering a private jet is just a fancy way of saying “renting a jet,” which is precisely what is occurring - only in this case, the entire aircraft is being rented out rather than just one seat, as happens on standard commercial flights. The best way to arrange this type of trip is to use the services of a specialist in the field - also known as an air charter broker. An air charter broker functions as a type of “middle man” between the owner of the jet being chartered and the client or passenger who wishes to book the flight.

Private Charter Jets - Advantages of Using an Air Charter Broker

There are many advantages to using an air charter broker, not the least of which is the fact that most brokers have access to a large variety of planes as well as other aircraft such as turboprops and helicopters. Another benefit is that jet charter brokers are experienced industry professionals who can both recommend and then find the best plane and value for the charter dollar. In addition, brokers that charter private jets can also organize other special touches such as the catering, liquor, and even entertainment such as onboard movies or music. In other words, although are several websites out there that purport to help potential fliers charter their own planes, it is best to leave this to someone who can find the best flight for the most competitive price - with special “touches” that may be difficult (if not impossible) for others to find.