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Commercial Broker NYC   by Erik Nissani

in Real Estate / Commercial Property    (submitted 2012-11-27)

Although most people with some experience in the real estate market understand that trusting the other party' agent 100% is a bad move, they tend to put more faith in a commercial broker. NYC' market is vastly different than the markets in many other parts of the country, and due to cost factors and availability, renting is almost as common as owning, and in some areas even more so. This is especially true with commercial real estate and with small business owners looking to expand their office or services spaces.

Often, commercial brokers in NYC work with both buyers and sellers to come to help both parties close the deal in a way that benefits everyone. However, as with most things in life, you’re banking on the fact that the broker is both trustworthy and working for you rather than the other party. Even the best broker is going to be biased towards the person paying for their services, even if they treat the other party as if the broker is, in fact, working as a true third party.

With Willowstone Realty, you are actually getting a broker that strives to ensure everything is working in the favor of the buyer or potential tenant. When it comes to commercial broker services in NYC, it can truly be a dog eat dog world; and, as is only natural, oftentimes tenants or buyers don’t have as much experience in the market as the person they’re looking to buy or rent from. Sadly, this lack of experience can make it easy for the “wool” to be pulled over one' eyes. At Willowstone Realty, we make sure that you understand everything that is currently happening, the deal you’re getting, and work diligently to ensure you’re obtaining a space that will work for you in all aspects, not just for the other party.

Commercial Real Estate NYC

Like many cities, commercial real estate NYC is just as prominent as residential, if not more so. Unlike smaller towns or cities in which housing makes up a large portion, housing and commercial properties not only coexist equally in here, they often mix. This fact makes commercial real estate in NYC a much different type of market than anywhere else.

Considered the hub of international commerce, New York City is rife with both modern and older buildings and, as such, the types of commercial real estate available in the area varies so drastically that it can be overwhelming for even the most experienced property buyer or renter. Willowstone Realty can help you to narrow down the endless choices of commercial real estate available by style, size, price, and location, and help you to find a space that has everything you want or need.

Although many brokers will simply try to move the highest revenue-generating piece of property, our brokers realize that we’re only successful in this business if our clients are. This is why we also strive to find you a plethora of options that hit all of your major must-have features for a price that will allow you to grow your business, rather than spend all of your profits on rent or a mortgage.

There is another way to handle commercial real estate in NYC, and Willowstone Realty has it covered.

Office Space Chelsea

Chelsea, often viewed as an artist' haven, is actually filled with interesting, functional, and affordable office spaces that can work for just about any business. From unique industrial-style lofts to office spaces that resemble townhomes, everyone from a private lawyer to therapists to insurance agents can find an office space in Chelsea that works for them.

Located in world-famous Manhattan, Chelsea is adjacent to several of New York' prime business locations. By train, it is only 7 minutes from 42nd Street (home to Times Square, Grand Central Station, and the Chrysler Building), 12 minutes from Fulton Street (the heart of New York' subways system), and only 8 minutes from Columbus Circle. In addition to this, you can get to Union Square from your office space in Chelsea in only a minute!

As with most types of real estate, location really is everything, and this is no truer than with commercial real estate in New York. If you’re looking to buy or rent office space in Chelsea, Willowstone Realty can help you to find the best section with the most benefits to your specific business needs. Whether you cater to artists or other small business owners, or you rely on foot traffic, we can find an office space in Chelsea that will enable you to grow your business to its fullest potential.

Office Space SoHo

When looking for an office space in SoHo, cost is a factor for many people. This infamous New York City neighborhood is rich in retail stores, restaurants, and other incredibly unique businesses. However, all of this does come at a cost.

Office space in SoHo is top-notch in the commercial real estate market of New York. And as such, finding something that fits your needs and your budget requires some serious legwork and expertise. After all, having the single goal of being in one specific neighborhood like SoHo is only possible if you’re looking for a residential property; as you know, your business can’t function without the proper space or exposure, even if it is in such a desirable location.

Without trying to sound cliché, Willowstone Realty truly understands the ups and downs, and ins and outs of the SoHo commercial real estate market like nobody else. We can help you to find an office space in SoHo that truly meets your needs outside of simply being in this bustling, unique neighborhood. While location is incredibly important, that extends to the businesses and buildings on either side of your office space in SoHo as well as being in the neighborhood itself. Don’t trust just anyone to help you find real estate in SoHo: Willowstone Realty can ensure you make the best financial decision for you and your business.

Office Space Gramercy

Gramercy, a neighborhood in Manhattan, takes office space just as seriously as it does green space. With over 3,000 trees and a 2-acre private park, when looking for office space in Gramercy, you have a good chance of finding a commercial property that has just as much green as it does steel and concrete in its view.

This area is well situated in the city and is home to nine subway stations. By train, your office space in Gramercy will be only 10 minutes from 42nd Street, 12 minutes from Fulton Street, just 8 minutes from Columbus Circle, and 11 minutes from Union Square.

Gramercy has a unique blend of high-end, beautiful spaces and affordable real estate. For the budget minded, choosing office space in Gramercy can give you a whole lot more bang for your buck than other neighborhoods, while still providing you with all of the conveniences that make running your business easier. Willowstone Realty can help you find a stunning property in this up and coming neighborhood, whether you’re looking for something that' simply utilitarian or if you want to go all out with your office space in Gramercy.

Even if you don’t want to shell out the money for a key to Gramercy Park (one of two private parks in New York City), you can still benefit from the unique array of green spaces in this area. Nowhere else in New York can you get this type of neighborhood for this price, and Willowstone Realty can ensure you are truly getting the best deal on office space in Gramercy.