Choosing a Stock Market Broker - Everything Youve Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Are you having trouble finding a stock market broker? In this article I am going to tell you everything you need to know about brokers as well as picking your first broker.

To trade stocks you must have a stock market broker as well a brokerage account. Choosing the right broker requires careful thinking and consideration. There are two kinds of brokers - full service and discount.

Full service brokers have far more services available than discount brokers. The broker will do most of the work and will provide you with one on one advice as well as suggestions and research. Just note that these services do not come cheap.

For novice investors a discount stock market broker is the best choice, this because you will not have the funds available for a full service broker yet. Also today's online discount brokers are used by many people and also provide a wide variety of useful tools for beginner investors.

Brokers will charge you a fee for everything trade they make, there are also other fees to consider they are.

· Minimums - these are the minimum amounts required to start a brokerage account. The amount is usually $500 - $1000 for an online discount broker.

· Withdrawal - just like a bank some brokerages will charge you fees to withdraw your money.